M105 Trailer

The M103A1 and M103A3 chassis are used as the foundation of the Cargo Trailer Series M105A1, M105A2, and M105A2C. The M105 trailer can carry a maximum payload of 3000 lb (1362 kg) either cross-country or highway. The trailers are designed to be towed by the M35 2 1/2-Ton Cargo Truck. Maximum allowable speed is 50 mi/h (80 km/h) highway and 30 mi/h (48 km/h) cross-country. The trailers are equipped with A 24-volt electrical system capable of operating under standard and blackout modes, an adjustable caster assembly to support front of trailer when uncoupled from the towing vehicle, an automatic emergency braking in the event of trailer breakaway from the towing vehicle, manually operated parking brakes used to secure the trailer when stopped or parked, two-wheel single axle with leaf spring suspension to absorb road shock. All models of the M103 Series Chassis built after 1977 have two air lines. The chassis variants are: Single-line air/hydraulic (M103A1 and M107A1), dual-line air/hydraulic (M103A3, M107A2, and M107A2C), or vacuum/hydraulic brake system (M105A2C) which receives air or vacuum pressure from the towing vehicle. The Army manual for this unit is the "TM 9-2330-213-14&P".

Points to note on this specimen are:

1. new-style dual-wheel landing gear. There is a crank on this type of gear to allow the toungue to be manualy raised or lowered to make coupling and uncoupling easier and safer.
2. chain covers on tailgate chains (keeps the chains cleaner and helps avoids pinching the operator's hand).
3. new-style tiedown points.
4. Composite taillights.
Note: these are usually equipped with stake Racks, Roof Bows, and a Paulin (tarpaulin cover). This one did not include those items.

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