Charter Flights on Playa Air

The aircraft and crew can be chartered for weddings, bar mitzvahs, coronations, skydiving, beatifications, special excursions or any event. The craft is capable of carrying up to 6 passengers, 4 of them comfortably, in addition to the crew.


In flight beverage service includes tequila or water, passenger's choice. In flight snacks are peanuts, of course.

If you would like to charter a flight please fill out the form below describing what you desire. The Playa Air staff will review all applications and will notify those who's desires fit in with the staff's idea of a good time.

Charter Requests

Be aware that Playa Air is on schedule according to Playa Time. For instance Morning is the period of time after coffee and before lunch. Late night is after we've been playing for a while and before bedtime. All other times are in between those.

All passengers subject to bodily searches. No exceptions.

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