Panda Restaurant Buffet includes Cigarrette Butts

Panda Chinese Restaurant
Esters Road at Highway 183
Irving, Texas

Welcome to the Panda Chinese Restaruant!
Here we serve you only the finest of Chinese food!

Presenting our Chef's Specialty:
"Mushroom in Special Sauce with Cigarette Butt"

Here's our secret ingredient:

On 26 March 2005 at about 5:30 PM, my friend and I went to the Panda Chinese Buffet Restaurant in Irving, Texas. I was given a dirty fork (two small particles, not too unusual for a buffet). After obtaining a replacement, I went to the buffet and got a plate of food and ate it. I was going to get one more plate, and the plate I picked up had crud on the bottom of it. The next one down of course had crud on the top. (again, not too unusual for a buffet)

I found another stack, and after getting a clean plate, I put some mushrooms on it. The mushrooms were in a brown sauce. I did not notice the cigarrette butt. I suppose that in the sauce, I had mistaken the cylindrical butt for a mushroom stalk. Maybe I should inspect the food more closely, er.. wait, that is the Panda Chinese Restaurant's job -to make sure the food is free of poisonous infectious waste such as cigarette butts.

You can plainly see the toothmark in the butt where I bit into it.

Do you know that nicotene, much of which ends up in the filter of a cigarrette, is so toxic that you can make your own insecticide from it? You soak the butts in water, then after the water is brown, you dilute it 100:1 (it is extremely poisonous) and put it in a spray bottle. You can treat flowes and such with it, but not food plants.

Back to the danger: While smokers do get a small amount of nicotene by inhaling the smoke, the far larger part of it collects in the filter or the 'roach' end of an unfiltered cigarrette, and stays there. if this is eaten (not smoked), it can be deadly poisonous.

Having chomped down on the butt, I have had a nicotene buzz for about an hour. We went to Wall Mart and I felt really funny. As a smoker, I can tell you it was an extreme nicotene high -a case of nictene poisoning that would probably have made a non-smoker violently Ill. I must have swallowed some of the juice before I spit it out. I did not realize it was a butt till after I saw it on the plate after spitting it out. I do not normally spit out "food", especially in a restaurant, but it was a protective reaction. I was very nauseous for several hours and suffered badly from it.

The manager blamed it on the supplier of mushrooms and said I could eat for free because of it. What? Is he insane? Why the heck would I ever go back there?

Just imagine, that cigarrette butt, having been in the mouth of some unknown person, probably riddled with diseases and pestilence of all kinds (By the way, where do you suppose the paper and remaining tobacco went? Who ate that??), stewing in the sauce, soaking it up, so that the slimy spit and nicotene toxins would be nice and gelled up in the butt.. MMMmmmm...

Hey! all this talk makes me Hungry! Let's go to the Panda Chinese Buffet!

truth by P. Jankowiak