1969 BSL model 7118 Disk-Based Core Memory Expansion for pdp8

When core memory cost $5000 or more per Kbyte, a special disk system was often used for expansion of memory. This unit was used with a DEC pdp8i.

ATTENTION COMPUTER COLLECTORS: THIS NEEDS A HOME! If it does not find a home, it will most unfortunately and most definitely become separated from its rack and sent to the electronics graveyard in pieces. Nobody wants to perform this bletcherous and foul act, but the dark day of horror cometh. You pick up in Dallas Texas on weekend. The unit has casters, and will tilt over and slide into a pickup truck on its back if you put down a blanket first. 2-man job minimum, 3 better for safety. The bottom line is space. Mad Scientisit needs more space in the lab to carry out other fiendish experiments. Call 214-763-4764 to arrange. Save this pdp8 peripheral!

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