SGT PJ's Stuff

A tribute to my old friend of 22 years, "Kitty".


  • Aerial map of Rocky Ridge with GPS waypoints
  • Aerial map of Red River (Muenster) with GPS waypoints
  • Offroad Fun 25 NOV 2005 Red River (Muenster)
  • Offroad Fun 09 APR 2005 Rocky Ridge
  • Offroad Fun 02 APR 2005 Rocky Ridge
  • Offroad Fun 20 FEB 2005 Brushy Creek
  • Offroad Fun 01 JAN 2005 Brushy Creek

    Military Vehicles: M35A2, M105A2

  • The M105 Military Trailer
  • Putting 11.00x20 tires on M35A2
  • M35 Rear Axle Seal Notes
  • Dual Hitch for the M35A2
  • Project: Adding a ton of air conditioning to the S280 shelter on the M35A2

    Texas State Guard Event Images

    The M35, although retired from federal service, serves as a volunteer in the Texas State Guard.
    Here are some pictures of it serving up some commo for the TXSG soldiers.
    Learn more about the Texas State Guard.

  • Veterans Day 2004
  • Colorado Adventure Festival 2004
  • AT2004
  • Great Texas Balloon Race 2004
  • FTX2004
  • Great Texas Balloon Race 2005 (Breakfast, and the Truck)
  • Great Texas Balloon Race 2005 (After Action)
  • AT2005 SATCOM training! check this out!


  • W5FRS Homebrew Tube Transmitters (Just like Granddad used to make!)
  • Lafayette HA-250 10 and 6 meter mobile linear amp with tubes
  • The Boy Electrician (40 megabyte PDF file)
  • The Economy Power Supply and the 4x8 voltage doubler
  • [note: 64 megabyte pdf file] Core Memory 101, using the Dataram DR-101 core memory manual as a text for what you need to know about core memory theory and practical application
  • KD5OEI 'big iron' transmitters
  • Repairing a small metal and ceramic air variable transmitting capacitor
  • KD5OEI VHF/UHF aircraft communications rack and top-feed cooling scheme
  • KD5OEI medium voltage power supply rack
  • 1969 BSL model 7118 Disk-Based Core Memory Expansion for pdp8

    Take Yer Pick

  • Sushi for Cats
  • Look what I found in my food at the Panda Chinese Buffet
  • The Storm of 01 June 2004, Dallas, Texas -500,000 without power: my account
  • 4th Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL
  • The Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL
  • Supercomm 2005
    Here's something I use every day - and so should you!

    It could save your life some day!

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