Update: Late summer 2011.. We're taking a short break. But we'll be back up and running soon. All the changes with people out here has made it a tough year. We did get a new projector, and still plan on building a hard screen that a couple of people can set up quickly. We are also going to expand our user base to include people that are not from the area because of the Empire closure. We did run the screen most nights at Burningman as well, and hope to have a showing this fall. We may also do some showings *in* Gerlach over the winter months.

Update:  Sept 2010 - We had several movies over several months in many locations.  Very few people showed up.   We had the first actual showing on May 22 after a canceled date from earlier in the month.  Weather made it hard as we have a screen that is suspended with rope.  We'd really like to build a hard screen where wind wont matter as much, but as it is what we have has cost us a pile of $ already.  If we get some tip's in the last showing we may go ahead and build a hard screen.  First priority will be a new spare bulb for Tina's projector though. (Thats over $300).   We also had some shows over the 4th of July.  3 nights in total.  Had lots of people from all over but very few from Gerlach/Empire at these shows.  After that was an early August show in Empire were we again couldn't start until late because of wind.  At a prior show (May) we had installed wood on the backstop and had the OK to leave it up for future shows.  When we went in August it was gone.  Naturally it was windy, so for once we had a great turn out, but had to wait till about 11 PM to start the show.  But by that time most people had left.

So with all that we're having our last one in the Gerlach area on Sept 25th 2010.  For 2011 I'm not sure how many shows in the area we'll have if any at all.  We'll try to scale down, and have showings at other locations in the state.  

Update: October 20, 2009 - We did it! 10 days ago on 10-10 we had our first showing.  We had a GREAT turn out and fun was had by all.   We got to a rough start, but thanks to some help from several viewers we got it up and running just after 8 PM.  We had a few glitches, but that was to be expected on this first run.  I called it "Working out the bugs"  But by the middle of Cars our first showing, we had it pretty well dialed in.   Setup took about 2 hours, and take down only took 20 minutes.  Next time setup will go much faster as we have a pretty good idea on how it all works.
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Play list for 10/10/09 so far. Movie 1) "Cars"-----Movie 2)open-----Movie 3)@Midnight,Rocky Horror Picture Show-----Movie 4)open

Update: September 27 2009 - The 4th of July was a no go. So... Screen has been ordered! 9'x16' I hope the projector can project onto that size. We will soon see. I'm shooting for Saturday October 10th for our first showing. We have the stereo, FM transmitter, A loaner Generator (Thanks Sunny/Gay!) a loaner projector (Thanks Tina/Jason!) I already have purchased all the frame work for this first revision. We have pretty much everything else in place for this event. For timing we are thinking about setting up around 3 PM, shooting for a potluck dinner around 6 PM, and the first movie at 8 PM. Please join the email list for more information!

Update: June 30, 2009 - Planning our first event on the 4th of July. Have a generator sourced, but its in Dayton, and my truck is broken. Hopefully this will get resolved this week and I can go get it. Also we will be borrowing a projector from Tina, and it should project around 30 feet back making a 200" image. We'll probably use the side of our car port for this first run. Also tonight I created the DriveIn email list! See link below image at the top.

Update: Oct  29 2008- Got the OK to get back my S250 Shelter.  Its still sitting in Dayton, NV so I'll re-acquire it and start setting it up for the Tech room for all the gear. Basically its a military box I had a while back that is good for installing computer equipment in.  2 people can sit inside it. Also its weather proof as well.  It fits in the back of a truck, and can easily be hauled onto the playa, plugged into power, and from there I can pretty much anything from it. Projected movies and Internet even.