Free to all!
Its an idea that I came up with this fall. 
Why not have a drive in theater on the playa maybe one weekend a month when its dry and the weather is good out...
As ideas roll out, I'll add them to this web page.
Gear needed:
Projector - One maybe available to borrow already. Ideally this would be best though for a long term goal.
Screen - Once we know which projector we'll use, we can make this from canvas
Framing for screen - This also can be made easily.
Amp (Stereo) - For now, I can use my BM stereo
Speakers - Same my BM one for now
FM transmitter - I'll purchase this this winter.
Computer - Duu.. I have plenty.
Generator - Hmmm... This I do not have.
Bonus items: Food, snacks, drinks:
BBQ food for gear setup time - This is pretty straight forward.
Popcorn (Duuuu) - I may use the popper in the Black Rock saloon for athentic popped corn.
Sodas - A cooler or too for the non-drinkers, and kids
Beer (BYOB)
Porta Pottie - This would make it for a nicer evening if ya gotta go, you gotta go.
Garbage cans - Not a big deal, but handy for those beer bottles.

So the idea overall is to setup on a Saturday afternoon and play movies all night long once it gets dark out.  Sunday morning we pack up and go home.   I'm thinking we have 2 or 3 planned movies a night.  First movie always would be a G movie so people can bring their kids, and feel ok to enjoy the movie. Second maybe a PG movie.  3rd movie and on after that can be anything.  G to R ratings.  No X stuff as that’s not the idea here.  Between movies I'd love to even show old commercials from the 70's or even random short clips from the 50's-70's.   People can pull up, and stay in their car if they want, listen to the movie on the radio, and watch it.  Or get out hang out with others on chairs or in the back's of pickup trucks and listen over the outdoor stereo.   The whole idea is to keep it simple, and allow everyone to come and enjoy the night at an old fashioned style drive in theater.

Another option is to maybe run concerts.  Once we get a decent stereo system out there, we can play a DVD set of some band and watch a concert.   Nights we do that, obviously would be more geared towards socialization over starting at the screen.

People involved in going to the "movies" ideally would only be people local to Gerlach and Empire and friends of those that live here.  I do not think 400 people going to this would be very wise.

Donations would be accepted, but not expected.. After all fuel, and hardware are not free.  Over time a build up of funds to purchase that projector, then ideally a real stereo/speakers, and lastly a generator would be really good.

So.. What do you think about this?  If I did this, would you go?  Do you think its a good idea?  Bad idea?   Please email me back with your comments.

Update: Oct  29 2008 - Got the OK to get back my S250 Shelter.  Its still sitting in Dayton, NV so I'll re-acquire it and start setting it up for the Tech room for all the gear. Basically its a military box I had a while back that is good for installing computer equipment in.  2 people can sit inside it. Also its weather proof as well.  It fits in the back of a truck, and can easily be hauled onto the playa, plugged into power, and from there I can pretty much anything from it.  Projected movies and internet even.

C. (Chris Petrell)