Free to all!
Its an idea that I came up with in the fall of 2008.  I do plan on changing the name though. Any ideas?  Galaxy Star Bright Drive-In ? heh..
Why not have a drive in theater on the playa maybe one weekend a month when its dry and the weather is good out...
As ideas roll out, I'll add them to this web page.
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What we have so far...
Projector - Our original was one from Tina who loaned us her's but now we have our own!  All 2700 lumen throw out a ton of light, and this new Viewsonic is a DLP 3D capable unit!
Screen - I have a 9'x16' one we're using.  Works GREAT but we need some framing for it in *any* wind at all.  Already have sewn in a 4" nylon border on it.  Also we have purchased a grommet press for adding grommets to the screen border
Amp (Stereo) - We have a pretty nice setup for outdoor sound.
FM transmitter - 95.7 is our station!
Computer - Duu.. I have plenty.
Generator - I have a military 30KW one, its massive, and loud from what I understand. (I haven't run it yet)  We'll look into making it more quiet, and easier to transport.  The trailer its on is MASSIVE.  We've been borrowing a 6500watt one from Sunny and Gay, (Thanks!)
Popcorn machine - I just acquired one last fall. Its a nice massive professional looking one.
Garbage cans - Not a big deal, but handy for those beer bottles.
Audio mixer - Just got a decent one from Ebay
Porta Potties!  - We have 2 now.. Just need a trailer for them.
Soda Dispenser: - We have an 8 head dispenser, and a water tank, and ice machine.  Would love a trailer to mount these into.
Stuff that would be nice to add:
A Kitchen trailer:
or at least an office style trailer to mount the popcorn machine and soda dispenser in.
Small Trailer: Something I can permanently mount the porta potties to for ease of hauling them around.
Framing for screen
-I'll probably weld one for us this march/April.
Generator: It would be nice to have a smaller own like a 6500 watt for small setups.
UPS: good to smooth out the power.
Melters: Both a butter dispenser, and a Nacho
Cheese dispenser.  Ebay has em around ~$200 each.
Cotton Candy Machine: 
Ebay has decent ones for ~$300.  Just need to save and get one.

What we have so far
So the idea overall is to setup on a Saturday afternoon and play movies all night long once it gets dark out.  Sunday morning we pack up and go home.   I'm thinking we have 2 or 3 planned movies a night.  First movie always would be a G movie so people can bring their kids, and feel ok to enjoy the movie. Second maybe a PG movie.  3rd movie and on after that can be anything.  G to R ratings.  No X stuff as that.s not the idea here.  Between movies I'd love to even show old commercials from the 70's or even random short clips from the 50's-70's.   People can pull up,and stay in their car if they want, listen to the movie on the radio & watch it from the comfort of their car.  Or bring some chairs and hang out with others on in the back's of pickup trucks and listen over the outdoor stereo.  The whole idea is to keep it simple, and allow everyone to come and enjoy the night at an old fashioned style drive in theater.  I may even pick up some old style speakers for a real authentic drive-in movie experience.

Originally I wanted to keep the shows for people local to Gerlach and Empire and friends of those that live here.  I do not think 400 people going to this would be very wise.  But after doing the shows for a year now, I've found that my friends in Reno come more often the local people do.  In fact I've had many nights were we have no local people at all.  It's a hell of a lot of work to set all this up, and a pile of work to take it all down.   When you have a total of 2 people show up its just not worth it.

Donations would be accepted, but not expected.. After all fuel, and hardware are not free.  Over time a build up of funds to purchase that projector and a trailer.

So.. What do you think about this?  If I did this, would you go?  Do you think its a good idea?  Bad idea?   Please email me back with your comments.  Email to movies at torche dot com

Even though its free to go, it does cost me $ to create the drive-in. 
If you like the idea, and want to donate $ towards the cause, please feel free to. 
I'll have a tip box at the shows, or you can use paypal.

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